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See How Designer Hillary TaymourCreated the Cheetos® Crispy Carry-On

You don't become one of America's favorite snacks by doing something people don't love, and you don't become a successful designer by following every trend that hits the market. For Hillary Taymour, her commitment to authenticity has made her a sought-after designer. So, when Cheetos decided it would ring in its 75th year of snacking with a bang, the brand wanted to work with someone who also played by their own rules. As the designer for the Cheetos purse, Hillary Taymour was the only option. Taymour combined her fashion expertise with everything that makes Cheetos unforgettable to create showstopping items. Check out how it all came together below.

What is your personal connection to Cheetos, orange, Cheetle dust, Flamin’ Hot snacks? What does it mean to you?

I’ve always snacked on Cheetos, and growing up I used to draw on my t-shirts with the Cheetle dust, honestly some of my best work.

How did your design process differ while creating these handbags?

It was a new way of thinking to take such a classic snack and turn it into a bag that was reminiscent of a Cheetos while still being a cute accessory that is wearable, functional, and HOT!

What was the most challenging and fulfilling aspect of this entire creative process?

Achieving the rich saturated orange to truly reflect Cheetos orange. Color is so important and achieving that was key.

How did you marry your creative DNA with the Cheetos brand to create these handbags?

We made a broccoli bag last spring, so another snack was a natural evolution. It made total sense.

Handbags come in all shapes and sizes, why did you choose this particular style? How do you feel it reflects the cultural relevance of handbags & Cheetos?

The bag seems like it’s made of Cheetos, the shapes of the squiggles correspond to the contours of a Cheetos snack. This bag is a classic y2K shape with a twist.

Did this design process teach you anything new that you’ll take with you and incorporate into other creative projects?

I love designing with perimeters. It helps me see clearly what elements are important to the product. It was a great reminder to keep having fun while designing!