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Naomi Lee

Aventon: Soltera.2 Step Thru 20mph

Aventon: Soltera.2 Step Thru 20mph

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Own the road with the 2023 Aventon Soltera.2 Electric Bike Its responsive handling and high-tech componentry allows you to choose how you move through the streets. Its intuitive torque sensor detects your pedaling effort and seamlessly amplifies it providing just the right amount of assistance when you need it most on long rides or commutes across town. The lightweight aerodynamic frame available in step-through or step over makes it easier to fly on flat roads conquer hills and be carried up a flight of stairs. Built-in turn signals will enhance your safety and confidence on the road by communicating clearly from the bike lane and beyond to motorists and pedestrians any time of day. With up to 46 miles in range on a single charge riding becomes the destination. Put your pedals to the pavement more road awaits.

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